Broadway Plaza Construction


Amy Larsen, Staff Writer

Along with many other improvements in progress in Walnut Creek, Broadway Plaza and the area around it is under construction.  Broadway Plaza’s owner, Macerich Co, expects all the work to be done by fall of 2017.

A $250 million redevelopment of Walnut Creek’s downtown shopping center, including Broadway Plaza and its eastern wing, is in progress. The project began in March 2014, and consists of demolishing and rebuilding the parking garages on South Broadway, expanding Macy’s Women’s store, improving traffic and pedestrian areas, and remodeling the area between Nordstrom’s and Macy’s.

The construction will leave behind more square feet for parking, fixing a major traffic problem in Walnut Creek. The plan will provide new multi-level parking garages. Because Nordstrom’s garage is closed due to the project, Nordstrom has provided complimentary valet parking seven days a week. The new parking garage is designated to be finished in the fall of 2015.

“Theres so much traffic right now but I’m excited for it,” sophomore Tana Tasker said about the reconstruction. Like many students, she is looking forward to new stores coming to the shopping center. It’s always a struggle getting a parking spot, even in the parking garages, and it will save time and stress with a new garage.

Macy’s Women’s store is currently being expanded, and once the work is done, the Men’s store, across the street, will be added into the expanded Women’s store. The building that the Men’s store will leave behind will be turned into a two or three story building for retail space.

“It’s definitely weird seeing a big empty lot across the street and next to Nordstrom,” sophomore Morgan Johnson said. “But I’m looking forward to new stores.”

Because some stores had to relocate or completely leave Walnut Creek before the reconstruction began, there will be plenty of open space. This will allow new retailers to move into Walnut Creek by 2017.