Miramonte PE Teachers Crack Down on Rules


Sophomore Daniel Konstantino loses points for running his mile in Vans. This popular shoe brand is not allowed anymore due to injuries, but is still worn by many students who don’t want to bring extra shoes.

Brigid Berndt , Staff Writer

This year, Miramonte has tightened the grip on Physical Education rules and requirements regarding student apparel, class policies and grade leniency. Physical Education teachers from all four schools in the district met at Del Valle High School Aug. 18-19 to discuss physical education in general.

Many Miramonte girls wear leggings to school almost every day, especially in the winter. In the past, students would wear these leggings under their PE shorts when it was cold. However, a previously ignored rule has been enforced that no leggings will be worn under PE clothing Now only sweatpants can be worn over the PE shorts.

“I think the leggings rule is absolutely ridiculous,” sophomore Kylie Morrison said. “I get not wearing jeans, because they are so tight, but leggings are meant for working out. There is no restriction in movement. All it’s going to do is take us a long time for us to change and make us late to our academic classes.”

These PE rules are effecting the guys too. Due to popular trends, the boat shoe and Vans have become a fashion favorite. Many guys wear Sperrys to school and because they have laces, it is assumed that they are okay to wear to PE. These shoes are not allowed due to lack of support.

“I don’t think that it is necessary to have support in shoes for everyday of PE because we don’t always run,” sophomore Sperry Enthusiast Dekkers Barr said.

Some wardrobe rules are meant to ensure the safety of students. “There have been problems from other schools in our district with some broken bones in the feet. All of them were wearing Vans while running,” Head of the PE Department Vince Dell’Aquila said.

In addition to stricter wardrobe rules, the PE department is cracking down on absences. Make ups are now enforced for any PE missed due to illness or injury.

“I have athletic induced asthma and I have to make up all the miles that I miss with a paper. I am going to have a lot of extra work in this class that will cause a lot of extra stress in my already heavy schedule,” sophomore Melanie Moran said. Despite what students say, the rules haven’t been altered; they are now being enforced consistently.

“The policies may have to re-amp at times because we are trying to keep kids more active,”  Dell’Aquila said. “Teachers in the past have tried to give students a break, but in the long run students take advantage of them trying find an innovative way to get them involved so you have to bring them back in and go to the book [the agenda rules].”