Powderpuff Mania Hits Miramonte

Madison Alvarado and Reilly Moran

Seniors barely clenched a win against the sophomore class this Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch in the annual Powderpuff match. After both teams failed to score Tuesday, seniors had a chance to redeem themselves, but overall both games had similar outcomes.On Tuesday, both teams played lockdown defense, resulting in a 0-0 tie and the continuation of the game on Wednesday at lunch. Wednesday’s game had very similar results, with a final score of 0-0 once again. The seniors were announced winners in a sudden death play where the sophomores lost yardage.

Valuable senior players included quarterback Kaitlyn Fenn whose runs gained much-needed yards as well as an interception during Wednesday’s game and blocker Madi Gibson, who stopped what could have been long drives for the sophomores. Sophomore highlights in the first game include Reilly Moran’s two interceptions late in the game and, in both games, Kate Nerone chasing down the senior running backs, keeping the sophomores’ hopes alive.

“As seniors, we were very mentally and physically prepared for this game. We expected to win because not only are we older and more experienced, but we wanted it more,” senior lineman Mariel Salem said.

Although the Miramonte staff in charge of Powderpuff has taken great care to prevent any overly aggressive or unsportsmanlike conduct, both games still saw hair pulling, scratching, and the throwing of other players to the ground.  “Yeah I did see girls get physical, but I think the aggression was healthy,” freshman William Shain said. The seniors will take on the winner of the freshman vs. junior game Thursday.