Social Media Posts Face Repercussions

Reilly Moran, Staff Writer

In the second week of school Principal Julie Parks called in members of the cheer team concerning several social media posts made within the past few weeks. These instagram and snapchat pictures and tweets were brought to Parks’ attention by an outside source.

Cheer Coach Carol Herndon then suspended four sophomores from the cheer team for a month.

“I want to make it clear I am not looking around on the internet. The only time I am ever on sites is when things are brought to my attention from the outside,” Parks said.

“I would understand getting in trouble if it had to do with the cheer team, and some of the issues were connected, but some tweets were not connected and that’s where I was confused,” one of the sophomores said.

Some of the cheerleaders feel frustrated by the incident and resulting punishment. “I do feel like my privacy was violated,” another sophomore said. “I don’t think that I should have gotten in trouble with the school for things I posted outside of school and things I said that have nothing to do with the fact that I am part of a team at this school.”

A junior and senior member of the team received a warning because of a photo posted on instagram of them at cheer camp dressed up and doing a popular Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke pose.

“I guess I can understand where the administration is coming from, but after this incident, the cheer team is definitely watching their backs a little bit more, afraid that someone will turn against them and get them in trouble for something,” the junior said.

“There are no specific lines,” Parks said. “The expectation for all students is representing the Miramonte community in the best way possible.”

On page 24 of the Student Handbook the rules applying to social media are under the category of cyber bullying. The administration can only take action regarding social media that is deemed threatening or bullying.

The administration does, however, encourage students to be mindful when expressing themselves on social media, because employers and people down the line may be offended by it.