Bob’s Christmas Trees Opens First Pumpkin Patch

Bobs Christmas Trees Opens First Pumpkin Patch

Ashley Logan

Bob’s Christmas Trees branched out from their usual winter season and opened a pumpkin patch near the Moraga Safeway.

Bob’s Pumpkin Patch started Oct. 1 and will close at the end of the month. “A lot of my customers who bought Christmas trees from us would always say that Moraga was the only town that didn’t have a pumpkin patch and that I should get one going,” Bob Holland said.

The pumpkin patch has a wide variety of pumpkins for sale that are displayed on haystacks. For the price of $10 you can slide down the huge blow up slides; including two Cars themed slides.

Junior Ellie Reed visited the pumpkin patch the Saturday after it opened. “When I went to the patch there was only a couple other kids and I haven’t seen many people in it when I drive by but there are a ton of pumpkins,”Reed said.

Holland has not yet decided if he will continue the pumpkin patch in future years. “I guess I have to now. It’s fun, I’ve enjoyed it, but it’s a lot of work,” Holland said.