Miramonte Delegates Practice Diplomacy at Model UN Conference

Cole Sitar, Staff Writer

Students in Miramonte’s up-and-coming Model United Nations (MUN) program spent Nov. 7-8 acting as delegates for Lithuania, Turkey, Syria, and Guatemala in a simulated UN conference at Diablo Valley College. The conference was very successful, with eight students winning trophies and one winning a certificate award.

MUN delegates are judged, in this case by UC Davis students, on their ability to represent and further their assigned country’s interests in councils and debates. Senior Sean McFeely, who won a trophy for his role as a Lithuanian delegate on the UN Security Council, says that the judge’s ranking boils down to “diplomacy, public speaking, adherence to your country’s goals, and participation.”

Another important part of MUN is adapting to rapidly developing situations. McFeely and senior Max Han, who also represented Lithuania, learned this firsthand when Russian tanks crossed the Ukrainian border on the morning of the MUN Security Council’s discussion on Ukraine. “It was kind of stressful,” McFeely says.

Although the Miramonte’s MUN program is only two years old, participants won a high rate of medals and awards. Students who want to participate should talk to Mike Rose, who is currently running it.