Leadership Classes Collaborate at Miramonte

Juliet Miller and Margaret Ross, Section Editors

The annual district-wide leadership conference took place at Miramonte yesterday. Leadership students from all four schools arrived in the morning and participated in a mock-Miramonte rally led by senior rally leaders Jack Conner, Ray Barrie-Kivel, and Grant Miller. The group moved to the theater to hear the legendary Mike Smith, professional teenager, inspire the students for the day’s activities. Students spent the afternoon moving between various small groups, some random and some based on grade and leadership position, to discuss various topics.

Led by Miramonte leadership, each small group touched on important tactics for successfully managing a high school. Students took notes to report back in a debriefing with their respective classes next week.

One small group discussed the issue of leadership classes not representing the entire student body. Smith and students addressed ways to give a voice to students who would not normally participate in leadership. Smith described a Red Bull project where DJ battles bring together students who normally would not interact. Student DJs compete in battles at parties, where party goers vote on the winner.

“My favorite part was the junior class officer break out session,” Junior Vice President/Secretary Liz Hofinga said. “I got to meet a lot of cool juniors from the different schools and we were able to share ideas about issues we have come across while dealing with J-Prom, fundraisers, community service, and any other junior related things.”

In another small group, ASB Vice President Syndey Mays led a group discussion about rallies and spirit weeks. Leadership students shared their ideas on how to create the most successful events. Las Lomas leadership incorporates activities that appeal to a wide range of students during spirit weeks, such as massive chalk drawing contests and float decorating during Homecoming week.

In the same group, students discussed their strategies for getting the word out about leadership events. Campolindo has a twenty-minute study period on Wednesdays during which leadership announces school events. Acalanes posts an informative video on the first Thursday of every month.

“I learned about new ways to publicize, new ways to promote participation in school activities, new lunchtime activity ideas, new spirit week ideas and brainstorming strategies,” Hofinga said.

“My favorite thing I learned was that there’s always a different way of going about things. All the leadership classes have completely different methods of running the class,” senior Environmental Commissioner Robert Morison said.

“Las Lomas has an amazing leadership program. They put so much time into their homecoming and powderpuff, they gave us great ideas on how to improve these events at Miramonte,” Senior Class President Gabbi Kreutzelman said.