Exam Cram Coming to a Classroom Near You


G. Judge

Fliers hang around campus show what subject matters are being studied in various classes

Grayson Judge, Staff Writer

The two day finals week exam jam starts tomorrow to help students prepare for finals. Each day’s session lasts from 3:30-4:15 pm and includes study help in a variety of subjects.

Exam Jam was created to provide some relief for stressed out students preceding finals week.

“Exam Jam seems like a fun way to study for finals with your friends. And with free snacks, what more could you ask for?” junior Aidan Rossiter said.

Some students are also excited about the possibility of premade study guides, a must when it comes to intensive studying.

“I’m most excited about the possibility of study guides. It helps a lot when the teacher says what to study and gives you all the resources necessary” junior Aidan Pitt said.

Miramonte Counseling is spreading the news of this year’s Exam Jam via Twitter, sending out a tweet with the hashtag “matsrockfinals2k15”. However, some students would rather not think about one of the most stressful weeks of the year- finals week.

Consult the nearest exam jam flyer for subject location information.