South American Exchange Students Visit Miramonte

South American Exchange Students Visit Miramonte

Sofia Ruiz, Staff Writer

Exchange students from Ecuador and Nicaragua visited Miramonte on Monday as part of a program from the Global Student Embassy. Each of the five foreign students were assigned to a Miramonte student, with whom they spent the day. They went to the same classes, ate lunch together, and the Miramonte students translated when necessary.

These students came over to California from their respective countries to help with our gardens, after showing excellent green thumbs at their local gardens. They have visited all the other schools in the Acalanes district, with our school being the last stop. Living in houses all over the district for about a week now, they have been immersed into American culture and the English language.

They spent last weekend with a larger group of the exchange students in Santa Cruz, and enjoyed cooking classes and sitting in on high school Spanish classes.

Senior Lauren Haky hosts 15-year-old Anna Herrera form Nicaragua at her home. Haky went to Central America through the Global Student Embassy last year, and enlisted the help of a few of her friends to bring students to California from Central America through the program.

Herrera enjoyed the trip to Santa Cruz, and her favorite thing about the United States so far has been the people. “They are very kind,” Herrera said.

One of Haky’s friends, senior Sam Shain, also buddied up with an exchange student for the day: 17-year-old Hector Rizo from Ecuador. His favorite thing about the United States has been the bridges. “I like the Bay Bridge because it’s so big,” Rizo said. He also enjoyed the trip to Santa Cruz and doing things in the garden like preparing compost.

Other student pairs included senior Camille Chow and Fernanda Zambrano, senior Tosca Maltzman and Yader Arauz, and senior Virginia Loke and Mariano Artola.

Spanish teacher Megan Flores has helped to bring the Global Student Embassy program to our campus, and she believes it is a good way to exchange cultures and languages. In addition, our students who are sent to different countries can bring back inspiring new experiences about the projects they worked on while away. The Global Student Embassy and programs like it, “ help prepare our students for a global society,” Flores said.