Drama Wraps Up Semester with Showcase


Christian Santiago, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Jan. 28 the third annual Shakespeare Showcase was held at Acalanes High School. This festival brings together the four Advanced Drama classes from Miramonte, Campolindo, Los Lomas and Acalanes to perform different plays by William Shakespeare. The catch, they have only four chairs as props, and the plays must last only eight minutes or less.

The drama students prepared for months for this project, which served as the final exam for the class.

The festival started with the students arriving at around 8:30 and socializing for a while.

Students then went to the main theatre to perform their plays, which consisted of King Lear, The Merchant of Venice, Twelfth Night and Much Ado About Nothing. Each school picked two of their best plays to perform on the Acalanes Main stage. The rest of the groups went into Breakout Sessions. That is where all the groups of a specific play would go off and discuss the plays they were in.

After that, everyone got back together in the main theatre for Open Categories, where groups perform a movie, book, in eight minutes, and play improv games like Freeze and Five Minute Movies. It all ended with a giant dance party on the main stage.

“It was incredible to see wildly different interpretations of the same text,” Acalanes senior Mollie Anderson said. “It was just a great time hanging out with drama geeks all day.”

“This is my favorite day of they year,” junior Max Hunt said , who has been in Drama for three years at Miramonte and attended three Shakespeare Festivals. “After it’s done, I’m just sort of sad after. It’s a day where I get to be myself with about a hundred more kids who get to be themselves. Nothing’s better.”