Miramonte Vandalisms Undergo Investigation


Charlotte Houston , Staff writer

This past week, multiple vandalisms occurred on Miramonte campus.  On Saturday, March 7, eight windows near the tennis courts and in the administration buildings were broken. On the following Wednesday night, 12 more windows were ruined and the netting around the school’s garden was damaged. Additionally, on Friday night, another window was smashed in the crafts room, also ruining some former students’ sculptures. Since then, the windows have been boarded up and the glass has been cleaned out from the affected classrooms. Some classes have had to be temporarily moved due to the damage.

The event has escalated from a mean spirited prank to a felony. The administration has been working closely with the Orinda Police Department, who have been here every day since the acts, examining the evidence. They are composing a police report, and are still checking the security cameras to try to identify the perpetrators.

“Our best source of information is the students. We have evidence and footage, but the kids are our best bet. If anyone has seen anything out of the ordinary, or is often here in the evenings, we’ve been looking into what they have to say,” Associate Principal Jan Carlson said. “If anybody has any information about the acts, they should go talk to an adult on campus or somebody in the admin.”

Along with being an inconvenience, it will be a huge cost to the school. Everything will be repaired over spring break, but until then, the broken windows have just been covered up with wooden boards.

“It involved a huge custodial effort, and we’ve had to heavily employ the district maintenance as well in order to clean out the classrooms and make sure everything is secure,” Carlson said.

There is no word on what the cost will be, but administration is communicating with the district.