Miramonte Hosts and Wins Latin Convention


Kelly Cheng, Staff Writer

On March 27 and 28, Miramonte Latin earned its third consecutive first place win at the 60th Annual California Junior Classical League Convention. About 1500 Latin students from around the state traveled to Miramonte to compete in academic, athletic, and artistic events and participate in enriching workshops and activities focused around the ancient world.

Alongside the unprecedented “three-peat” victory, Miramonte Latin Club also received high praise for its efforts in hosting the primarily student-run convention.

Latin teacher Matt Davis voiced great pride in all his Latin students for conquering the task of both hosting and participating in the event. “This year, students truly stepped up to the challenge in order to host one of the best conventions Mr. Carpenter and I have ever witnessed. As opposed to in previous years in which only a few students would rise to the occasion, every single Latin student worked hard this time to bring a great experience,” Davis said.

For the first time since Miramonte last hosted the convention, the Latin Club won the spirit contest held amongst the various schools. Miramonte Latin also distributed a multi-issue convention newsletter for the first time in CAJCL history and arranged for an on-site banquet including meals from many different food trucks.

Despite the careful preparation of convention organizers, Latin students experienced a shock when 500 Lava Pit meals were lost in a car wreck while being transported to Miramonte on Friday evening. Juniors Olivia Chandler, Molly Colwell, and Caiseen Kelley assisted in preparing and transporting food to ensure no attendee went hungry. All three were offered catering jobs following the incident.

Junior Shawn Honaryar and sophomore Jordan Grelling ran for state board positions, and earned the titles of California Junior Classical League 1st Vice President and Parliamentarian, respectively. To earn their positions, candidates must write and present speeches to all convention attendees. “The 1st Vice President is responsible for recruiting new schools into the CAJCL and I have some new ideas in mind since not much has been effective in the past,” Honaryar said. “This convention was the best one we have had for a long time. Convention President Madeleine Becker did an excellent job organizing it and everything was well-run and there was always fun stuff to do. My personal favorite was the human-sized hamster balls.”

Honaryar won the overall academic and overall high point awards for Latin 3 and Grelling did the same for Latin 2. Sophomore Bhargavi Ram won the overall art award for Latin 2.

Senior Madeleine Becker describes the convention as a completely different experience from the perspective of Convention President. “As someone who loves competing at conventions and at the highest level, it was a really alien feeling to be so removed from all the events, yet having a finger in every pie,” Becker said. “Miramonte conquered. And truly built a monument more lasting than bronze. Everyone involved in our effort, whether facilitating or competing, should be extremely proud.”