Dan Miller Proposes a Solution on Climate Change to Miramonte Students

Eric Ting, Staff Writer

In conclusion to Climate Change Awareness Week, Miramonte High School welcomed clean technology venture capitalist Dan Miller to give a quick seminar educating the students of Miramonte on the effects of Climate Change as well as proposing a potential solution.

Miller provided shocking facts about climate change, including the fact that humans have recognized Climate Change as a problem since 1958 and that sometime in the next 100 to 300 years the southern tip of Florida will be underwater. Miller also showed students a map that projects that in 2060 the Mediterranean region will change into a desert-like ecosystem.

Miller’s solution to the problem was a Fee and Dividend system where the government places a tax on carbon emissions and equally distributes the revenue to all legal United States Citizens. Miller projects that each family of four will receive $3,500 annually if this system is implemented. Miller then proposed placing a tariff on goods from other countries that do not reduce their Carbon Dioxide emissions in the hope it encourages them to do so.

This is a  clever take on solving the issue of Climate Change, as it appeals to all American citizens with the allure of money. One difficult thing about inspiring action against Climate Change is finding a way to make people feel they are directly affected. The Fee and Dividend System does that, although some questions remain. During the question and answer period, one important question a student asked Miller was how to ensure the cooperation of other countries. Miller responded that when their commercial interests are threatened, countries will make the change.

Ultimately, the seminar provided an engaging and effective way of inspiring discussion on how to face the problem of our generation.

Students wishing to learn more or join in the effort can visit Miller’s website ClimatePlace.org. The full video of Miller’s presentation to Miramonte students can be found here: