Campus Vandalism Investigation in Progress

Andrew Johnston, Staff Writer

Law enforcement agencies are still searching for vandals who smashed 20 windows at Miramonte High School as well as slashing the protective cases over the garden beds during the week of March 7-14.

The damage took place in science, math, and art rooms, as well as in the administrative office. The windows have been replaced and all remaining damage has been repaired. The affected classes were moved while repairs were made to  assure the best learning environment.

“We are still working with police. Unfortunately they have not come up with someone that is firmly involved. There has been a suspect in mind but no firm evidence,” Associate Principal Jan Carlson said.

The repairs cost $12-15,000 and came out of the district budget. This includes repairs to the garden and windows. If the suspect is found he/she will seek restitution for amount of damage caused.