Pub Tournament Makes Champions of Matadors

Ari Stein, Staff Writer

From April 17 to April 19, 36 Miramonte public speakers attended the CA High School Speech Association’s State Championships in Murrieta. If a student does well in the preliminary rounds on Friday and Saturday then they will advance to the semifinals and final rounds on Sunday. This year, “Miramonte left with two state champions, which was a huge deal!” junior Carolyn Brager said. The two state champions were seniors Sean McFeely and Ray Barrie-Kivel, who each received a $250 prize as well.

“This tournament is the superlative way of testing your speech and debate abilities at the highest level California has to offer. It’s also exciting and a fun opportunity to make friends and meet people from around the state,” junior Daniel Ginsburg said.

For the Congressional Debate, senior Sean McFeely placed first, senior Ray Barrie-Kivel won first place as presiding officer, and senior Max Han came in 17th place. For the Original Advocacy, senior Marcel Bolag came in 11th and senior Konnie Guo came in 18th. In the Original Prose and Poetry event, sophomore Liam Madsen ended in eighth place. For National Extemporaneous, junior Bryan Wang came in second, junior Aaron Baum in sixth, junior Jonathan Zhou in ninth place, and senior Fatima Hasanain in 10th. In the International Extemporaneous event, senior Owen Chang came in third place, followed by junior Daniel Ginsburg in fourth place, and senior Alex Jang in 13th place. For the Public Forum Debate, juniors Bryan Wang and Aaron Baum came placed eighth and senior Kelly Zheng and freshman Anna Miskelly came in 10th. Finally for Sweepstakes, Miramonte got the sixth Best Overall High School out of 360 schools.