Where Will Ball be Next Year?


Ari Stein, Staff Writer

For numerous years, Miramonte has reserved the Saturday night of Memorial Day weekend for Senior Ball. However, this year administration decided having senior ball over Memorial Day weekend was not ideal, so they did not reserve the date for the class of 2016. The other Saturdays in May were already booked, forcing Miramonte leadership to try find a new location. Leadership is currently “talking to multiple locations, but has not found a location yet,” next year’s ASB president Liz Hofinga said. One location leadership is considering is on a boat. “It is still a possibility, but not very high on our list because we went to visit it and there were a lot of negatives about it, but there are definitely a lot of positives and having Senior Ball on a boat just sounds really cool,” Hofinga said. Leadership is looking persistently to find a location to make sure the class of 2016’s Ball is a good fit for everyone and the best it can be.