Miramonte Clubs to Debut Friday

Photo: K. Roberts

Photo: K. Roberts

Pearl Biggers and Kendall Roberts

On Oct. 2, students will gather on the quad for the hour-long lunch to admire the horseshoe of tables meticulously arranged and decorated by club leaders and devoted members. This fanfare surrounds Club Day, a day for Miramonte’s many new and returning clubs to recruit fresh members.

“There are a lot of different clubs that appeal to a lot of different types of people,” said Rebecca Promessi, Leadership teacher and the organizer of Club Day. “There are music-based clubs, there are dancing clubs, there are sports-based clubs, there are anime and video-game-type clubs, there are academic clubs like science club, there are chess clubs.”

With so many clubs available, it can be difficult to find one that suits you. This many options makes for a hectic experience as you sift through the many choices. So how do you find the right club for you?

Promessi recommended that students start with their interests. Are you into the sciences? Well, maybe you should consider joining Astronomy Club, Meteorology Club or Darwin Society. Do you enjoy relaxing with your friends? Think about joining the Polynesian Club, or Grilling Godz. When offering advice to students looking to join a club, Promessi said, “The best place to start is to think about what’s of interest to the student, and then I think really it’s just a matter of going around and looking at the tables and seeing what catches their eye. Think about your basic interestsam I interested in something academic? Am I interested in something service-based? Am I interested in something sports-related?”

Performers for Progress, Latin Club, Acabellas, Key Club and buildOn are among the most sought-after clubs on campus, attracting a multitude of students over several years.

Some of the popular clubs among students seem to have a similar focus: community service. Key Club and buildOn are two clubs that stand out on campus, as they both allow students to rack up hours for college applications while having fun with their friends.

So how do clubs recruit students? According to senior Alex Sukys, a member of buildOn,  it’s all about the draw. “We’re probably going to have have a big buildOn sign and be super enthusiastic,” he said.

While the main ideas and goals of a club are what compel students to join, students’ enjoyment of their time spent in meetings and with the club factors into membership enormously. Club meetings are generally held on Wednesdays at lunch, when students can eat and catch up on club events occurring throughout the week.