Administration Promises New Lunch Tables

Administration Promises New Lunch Tables

Jacob Thomas, Staff Writer

New tables have been on the minds of students since the start of this school year. Finally, the administration has answered students’ calls. The new tables will arrive within a month, according to Associate Principal Jan Carlson. “There will be enough tables to seat all seniors, and administration will provide more tables if needed,” she said.

Students, especially seniors, are thrilled about the purchase because the senior lawn is full of seniors with nowhere to sit. “I think it’s awesome because before the seniors had very few places to sit down,” senior Max Murphy said.  “Now we’ll be able to go to lunch without worrying about getting a spot to eat.”

For now, all of the tables being ordered are for the senior lawn. The longest of the six tables ordered is six feet long with two benches on the sides.  Each table costs around $1,000 and total is close to $8,000 combined.

Currently, it appears that only about 70 percent of seniors are able to sit where they want on the lawn. Ninety percent of seniors use the senior lawn and these seniors will now be able to sit where they want.

The administration is also looking to purchase a fresh set of tables for the quad and cafeteria area. This purchase is more likely to be made next year or the year after, Carlson said.