Performers Raise Money for Charity

Peformers for Progress' lineup included acts by Junior Kate Nerone and Senior Caroline Lake. They performed Oct. 16 and 17 in the Miramonte theatre.

Peformers for Progress’ lineup included acts by Junior Kate Nerone and Senior Caroline Lake. They performed Oct. 16 and 17 in the Miramonte theatre.

Makenna Millham, Staff Writer

This weekend the Friday night lights weren’t shining on the football field, but on the stage. Performers for Progress’s biannual nonprofit, took to the theater Friday and Saturday its first performance of the school year. Performers for Progress, a student-run production that donates all profit to charities chosen by the performers, has been successfully performing since 2007.

In their first show of the year, Miramonte talents truly entertained their audience while collecting profit for Trust in Education, an organization that supports students and education facilities where it is needed most. Donations help sponsor students and provide necessary learning utensils.

Miramonte is known for its academic success and athletic accomplishments, but this past weekend, teachers, families and friends were reminded of the talent possessed by the visual and performing arts department. This year’s show included 18 performances with everything from singing and dancing to various instrumental performances and comedy acts.

 One group that delivered two outstanding performances was Goats of Denmark. A band of comedians known for their hilarious and sometimes raunchy performances, Goats has their own performance annually. Their first act of the night, “Audition,” was a skit where various unique individuals audition in odd ways. Complete with incestual innuendos, punchlines about pedophilia, interpretive dancing and simply strange odd balls, the group left the audience in tears of laughter.

   Their second act, “Dinner at the Mazagatti’s,” included a quirky turtleneck-wearing family welcoming the daughter Margaret’s boyfriend to their home. In the end, after having scared off the boyfriend, the family removed their turtlenecks. In relief of his absence they revealed their quirks were not by nature, but intentional in order to get him to break up with Margaret, played by junior Kate Nerone. “Nerves aren’t really a worry,” said Nerone. “It should be really funny. I hope it goes well.” The act incorporated hilarious accents and interesting family dynamic.

   Another highlight of the evening was the talented singers and musicians. Among these talents were seniors Eleanor Roeder and Caiseen Kelley. A very experienced singer and performer, Roeder sang “Vienna” by Billy Joel, accompanied by Kelley on the piano.

Other artists, seniors Forest Castillo and Lauren Oneil, sang a duet cover of “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran. Senior Claire Manrique sang “All of Me” by John Legend, accompanied by pianist Stefan Marinac, a senior.

  One especially memorable artist, junior R.J. Viray, played an original piano piece, “I Love School.” In this piece, Viray played a great tune while making the audience laugh with his lyrical satire of school and his opinions on it. Another original piece was “Dandelions” written by freshman Olivia Zalevsky. A piano piece, “Dandelions,” was also sung by Zalevsky.

Other memorable performances included the band Souls in Motion, which played “Ouija” and “What You Know” as well as the California Academy of the Performing Arts dance to “Movements” by Pham featuring Yung Fusion, Junior Leah Woodcox sang “Crazy in Love”; and junior Erin Mohr performed a contemporary dance to “Time” (from the movie Inception) by Hans Zimmer. “I was really excited, it hadn’t sunk in that I was performing tonight,” Mohr said.