E. Coli Strikes at Chipotle


Sommar Veverka, Social Media Editor

It’s true, Miramonte’s favorite fast-food Mexican restaurant has been exposed to some serious bacteria, E. Coli. Chipotle reported an E. Coli break out in six states: California, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio and Washington. No employee has reported an issue of E. Coli since the incident began. E. Coli is a type of bacteria that can be found in food such as meats and vegetables. Bacteria isn’t always harmful; however, certain types of E.coli known as strands cause sickness and can lead to infection.

Denver-based Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. released a statement regarding the issue on its website:  “Work on our enhanced food safety program began immediately after reports surfaced at the end of October that linked 11 Chipotle locations in Washington and Oregon to E. Coli cases in those states. Even though there is no evidence of exposures after the period of October 13 to November 7, and no new illnesses have occurred since then, officials at the Centers for Disease Control and prevention have indicated that additional cases may yet be reported as cases make their way through various state health departments to the federal health officials. Specifically, Chipotle has set an objective to achieve the highest level of safety possible.” The company is working with the  Seattle-based Institute for Environment and Health (IEH) laboratories to help improve its food safety practices.
The only E. Coli incident reported in California was in Turlock, which is two hours away. There have been no reported cases of E.coli at the Lafayette Chipotle. Employees at the Lafayette Chipotle declined to comment on the issue. However, Chipotle continues to serve hundreds of customers per day.