Candidates Compete for ASB Positions


Libby Dunne, Managing Editor

For one week every year, bright posters and flyers cover the salmon-colored walls of the Miramonte campus. Rising seniors are competing to be Associated Student Body (ASB) officers for next year.

ASB officers represent the whole school, not just their grade. “My main job is to preside over the class each day,” ASB President, senior Liz Hofinga said. “I lead our formal Monday meetings where we check in with each commission and class on what they are working on. I also lead class discussions for brainstorming.”

ASB officers get the opportunity to oversee the whole Miramonte community to benefit all students and staff. “I am running for ASB Secretary because I would like to implement new ideas in the school while working with my peers,” ASB Secretary hopeful, junior Haley Grenning said.

This year, two people are running for each position: Megan Miller and Angi Axelrode for president, Hana Neugebauer and Sydney Smith for vice president, Lucy Stenovec and Gabby Slyfield for treasurer, and Kaylie Parr and Haley Grenning for secretary.

ASB officer hopefuls are implementing strategies to win the election. Many of these tactics are ones that candidates use for large-scale elections. The most important thing to do when running is to get your name out there. “Posters are a good way to help spread the word that I’m running,” ASB VP hopeful, junior Hana Neugebauer said. “Also, reaching out to everyone and having conversations with everyone about why I would be the best candidate for this position, tweeting, and spreading the word helps a ton.”

Another important aspect to think about when running for class office is your ideas. Each candidate got the chance to give a short speech about why they are running, and what they would do if elected at the rally on Thursday.

Both ASB candidates went all out on their speeches at the rally. Miller dressed up in an all green superhero outfit to show her Miramonte spirit. Axelrode was another stand-out performer, because she rapped her speech in an attempt to present her ideas in a fun and engaging way.

The school is currently awaiting the results of the ASB presidency.