Quad City Dance Excites Sophomores

Amanda DeVecchi, Staff Writer

This year the sophomore class has put together a district-wide dance for its entire class. The spring dance will be held at Acalanes High School on March 11. Those who are interested in going must purchase tickets on the quad for ten dollars.

Many high school students remember the Tri-City dance that was held during their middle school days. Orinda Intermediate School, Stanley and Joaquin Moraga students attended this dance. The Tri-City dance is an annual event that started a few years ago, and is held for seventh and eighth graders. The purpose of the dance in middle school serves for multiple reasons, in recent years it was to act as a fundraiser to support the local athletics. This year Miramonte is taking up a similar type of event, but it is to promote district unity.

The tradition at Miramonte has always been just a handful of dances. These include the welcome back dance, homecoming, junior prom and senior ball. In recent years Miramonte has never put on a Sadie Hawkins or winter dance, but it was a surprise this year to hear that there will be an extra dance for the sophomore class.

Seeing that this dance is between all the four schools in the Acalanes Union High School District, a lot of planning went into making it happen. Sophomores Mary Kate Henderson, Ella Taggart and Zoe Zabetian had a lot to do with the event’s production. Along with the girls’ planning, they had some help from Vice Principal Zach Pinkerton and Principal Julie Parks, as well as officials from the other schools. “We came up with the idea at a district leadership conference. The purpose of the dance is for students to see their friends from other schools and meet new people,” Taggart said. “This dance is also a fundraiser for our prom.”

Although the dance is solely for sophomores, Zabetian, who helped organize this event for Miramonte students, thinks there will be a great turnout. “I think the turnout will be good, at least for Miramonte. We’ve sold 100 tickets so far and are planning on selling even more.” Considering this is a district wide dance, there needs to be minimum of 100 tickets sold for each school or the dance will be cancelled. “Seeing that we’ve sold our 100 tickets already we are optimistic about the dance and can’t wait for it.” Zabetian added.

The theme for the dance is school colors, so while meeting new people, the students can know what school everyone goes to. Miramonte students are to wear green and silver. The goal of the dance is to unite the schools within the AUHSD school district and to meet new people from other schools. “A lot of people from Miramonte have friends from other schools in the district, so it’s nice for them to hang out with them at a dance since that kind of stuff usually doesn’t happen,” Zabetian said.