Electrical Fire Breaks Out in Miramonte Library

Sofia Ruiz, Opinion Editor

The fire alarms in the Miramonte library went off on Wednesday, March 16 before school due to a heater smoking. A manual that had been accidentally dropped into the heater when the device was installed over the summer caught fire and began to char, letting out the smoke that triggered the alarms.

Orinda and Moraga Police departments arrived at the scene before maintenance staff, at around 7 a.m. Maintenance staff took the heater apart, and pulled out the blackened instruction manual, then but the machine back together. The heater will continue to work fine, as the incident did not cause real damage to it.

Maintenance staff Ben Tommy, David Lovejoy, Vadim Babich, and Rico Gomez took care of the problem the same day as the incident. “Our supervisor, Dave Humphrey, was quick to react and ask the maintenance department to check up on the heater,” Gomez said.

The library was closed all day Wednesday and Thursday.