Physics Students Travel to Exploratorium



Libby Dunne, Managing Editor

On Thursday, March 10, almost 200 physics students loaded old yellow school buses and headed to the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

For years, Miramonte physics students have gone on a field trip to the Exploratorium. Though optional, students are always eager to attend one of the only field trips offered at Miramonte. “The purpose is to experience hands-on physics and other science in one of the world’s best science museums (in the world’s most beautiful city),” physics and math teacher Riki Sorenson said. “Students can explore topics that most interest them. Hopefully the students enjoy it so much they’ll go back again and again.”

Many students, including senior Elise Anthenien, agreed that the field trip was not only beneficial academically, but also really fun. “I’ve been to the Exploratorium many times, but this time it was really fun to actually know the physics behind all the cool exhibits and be able to explain concepts,” Anthenien said. “My favorite part was bonding with some of the people in my class over nerdy physics stuff.”

The physics field trip is a tradition that has excited students year after year. Each year, there are new exhibits conveying new concepts. “My favorite part is watching light-bulbs go off in the brains of Miramonte students as concepts come to life,” Sorenson said. “Plus it’s a great science-bonding experience. And every time I go I find a new exhibit that is fun and enlightening.”