Kindness Week Promotes Acceptance

Rebecca Gluck, News editor

Last week at Miramonte, students roamed the halls that were decked with bright, golden stars. The stars, which had the names of every student and a compliment about the individual on them, were a part of Miramonte’s second annual Kindness Week.

“The goal of Kindness Week is to emphasize the importance of being an accepting, friendly and kind campus,” ASB president Liz Hofinga said. In order to promote this atmosphere, leadership asked fourth period teachers to write the names of their students as well as compliments about them on cut-out stars so that every student in the school would have a star. The stars were then taped around the school hallways so students could search for theirs and then redeem them for a lollipop.

Miramonte had its first Kindness Week last year, but this year Leadership created more activities for the March 8-11 week, such as a High-Five hallway. “It made me happy to hear the excitement of students about the stars and different activities around school,” Hofinga said.

“I like having the stars up,” senior Noel McGuire said. “Knowing that our teachers took time out of their day to something nice for us was really nice. It makes a big difference seeing that teachers care.” The stars remain posted around campus and students continue to search for and read them.

Leadership also scheduled a class discussion for every fourth period class for Friday, March 11, to discuss kindness. Some of the discussion topics included student experiences of acts of kindness at Miramonte and whether or not students feel Miramonte is a kind and accepting place.

Overall, students seemed to appreciate the extra attention that was paid to being kind. “We should be kind always, but Kindness Week was a nice change in pace,” junior Heather Ahmann said.