Students Use Talents To Support Marine Mammal Center

Libby Dunne, Managing Editor

Miramonte students took the stage last Friday and Saturday as “Performers for Progress”. Produced by seniors Izzy Kimura and Natalie Tang, and hosted by seniors Jesse Epstein, Caroline Lake, and Aoife Tejada, the April 15-16 performances showcased 17 different performances, including singing, dance and comedy.

Each year, money made at the event is donated to a charity of the producers choosing. This year, Kimura and Tang chose The Marine Mammal Center, a nonprofit research hospital designed to rehabilitate marine mammals. “We picked The Marine Mammal Center because Natalie Tang volunteers there, and with all the attention surrounding El Nino, we decided it would be the best charity for us to donate to,” Kimura said.

Performers for Progress is entirely student run, so it requires cooperation and communication from all its participants. “P4P is the most successful when everyone is working under the common idea that they want it to be the best show possible,” Kimura said. “If everyone is doing everything they can, and putting all their effort into the show, it ends up being so fun and special.”

The show is a rare chance for students to showcase their talents in a relaxed, yet still professional environment. For many students, including senior Tyler Araquistain, this year’s Performers for Progress was their first time performing in front of an audience. “I really liked performing because it was a new experience for me and I’m glad I at least did it once before I graduate,” Araquistain said. “The whole experience was intimidating but in the end it was really fun to be with friends and perform something for the school that I really enjoy doing.”