Students Donate Blood to Help Those in Need

Amanda DeVecchi, Staff Writer

It was senior Danny Reaves’ first time donating blood, when Miramonte held its annual Blood Drive on April 21. “I was happy to donate blood, and it was nice being able to get out of class too. I would probably donate again,” he said. Doctors spoke with the students to keep them calm while drawing blood.

A total of 50 students signed up for the drive this year. “In the past the turnout has been relatively good, but this is my first year helping out with it,” said Jessie Musacchio, one of three senior-class officers who coordinated the event. The other two, Olivia Chandler and Lauren Pejza, also helped motivate students to donate blood to local hospitals. “It is used to help any patient that needs it. In the past people have gotten calls when they saved someone’s life,” Musacchio said.

Those who were 16 years or older were allowed to participate in the blood drive. But though 50 students signed up for the drive, Musacchio pointed out, “Unfortunately only 25-30 students ended up giving blood because some didn’t show up or could not donate.”

Each person who signed up gave one pint of blood, and was allowed one hour out of class to have the blood drawn, and then to eat, drink and recoup. Phlebotomists hired by The Blood Centers of the Pacific were required to keep anyone out of class if they were not feeling well.

After all the blood was collected, it was carefully examined by doctors to make sure that there were no diseases, before using it for patients who need it in the hospital. “Students will be contacted privately if anything abnormal is found,” Musacchio said.