Language Classes Travel to Monterey

Libby Dunne, Managing Editor

They filed out of the two yellow school buses, already overwhelmed by all the sights and smells offered by the annual international language day in Monterey. Miramonte language students experienced exoctic foods, traditions and foreign cultures, while surrounded by military personnel, their families and other foreign languages students at that Monterey’s Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) on Friday, May 13.

Miramonte language students had the opportunity to attend many different informational sessions ranging from Learn Arabic in 30 minutes to Egyptian Calligraphy that were offered throughout the day. Spanish, French, Mandarin and Latin students got to spend more than three hours exploring the military base, attending various language sessions and eating foods from different countries.

Students got the opportunity to take classes in languages that they have never studied before. “It was really interesting to try new foods and take different language classes,” Spanish student and senior Ali Fitch said. “The cultural performances were also really fun to watch”. These cultural performances lasted throughout the day on a stage in the center of the DLIFLC field. Ranging from Russian songs to a traditional wedding, spectators had the opportunity to watch and admire the customs of other cultures.

Surrounding the center stage, over 50 vendors sold food, henna tattoos and hand painted pieces of art. Miramonte language students explored these various booths and trying food from different countries.

Once called the Army Language School Festival, DLIFLC’s language day has taken place for over 60 years. According to Cameron Binkley, author of DLIFLC, A Pictorial History, the goal of language day is to “encourage further study in foreign languages and culture and promote the benefits of military service”.