Davis and Carpenter Co-Teach Latin

Kiki Immel, Staff Writer

As junior Ashley Dunne walks into room 184, she is greeted with not one, but two Latin teachers while the class recites “Exegi Monumentum”, a motivating Latin poem signaling the start of class.

Matt Davis and Nick Carpenter are co-teaching Honors Latin III this year at Miramonte. Many Latin students were confused about what it entailed, “I heard a few things from my counselor about how the class was going to work, but no one really knew,” said junior Lucca Sgro.

Davis has a fourth period prep and has a fifth period Honors Latin III, while Carpenter has a fifth period prep and a fourth period Honors Latin III. Their coinciding prep periods allow them to come into each other classroom when needed.  The best advantage to having Davis and Carpenter co-teach is not just having them in the room together, but having the two teachers work together to make the class as productive and effective as possible, “We plan curriculum and teach together when we can, but most importantly when teachers work together you have two brains working on something, which makes the class more dynamic and you can plan more interesting and engaging activities, which is really powerful,” Davis said.

Davis, who is always present during Carpenter’s period, will add in information during a lesson and answer students’ questions. “Carpenter and Davis are basically best friends and they tell a bunch of funny stories, still relating to Latin, and it makes the whole class more fun and exciting,” Dunne said. The two Latin teachers bounce ideas off of each other and try to make the class as engaging and efficient as they can.

Davis said that in past years, when he and Carpenter  co-taught, this method of teaching unified the Latin community and strengthened its common vision towards success. “The nice thing about the Latin program is that there are certain skills that we want to make sure students acquire at certain levels so they will be prepared for the AP test and college. By working together we can achieve our goals efficiently,” Davis said.

Students enjoy having both teachers in the classroom, “I like getting input from both teaches and they play off of each other to make the class more interesting,” junior Sophie Kimura said.

In previous years, co-teaching has lead to competition between the classes. Usually there is only one teacher per Latin class, for instance, Davis will teach all of the Latin II. But now Davis teaches one period of Honors Latin III and Carpenter teaches the other period, so a friendly competition has emerged in previous years between the periods to see which class can get higher test grades. “It brings out the best in everyone. Mr. Carpenter and I are both fairly competitive so it’s fun to have the class that passes the most CPs get a donut party,” Davis said.