Link Crew Expands Horizons


Daniel Konstantino, Editor-in-Chief

As sophomore Paul Legallet entered the gym at Moreau Catholic High School, he heard the rhythm of the “Cupid Shuffle.” He rushed to the floor and along with about 100 Link Crew members from multiple Bay Area schools, he jammed out to the 2000’s line dance.

On Friday, October 21st, Miramonte Link Crew’s commissioners ventured out to Hayward for a Link Crew convention hosted by Moreau Catholic. The group spent the day engaging in activities, seminars, and discussions for how to embody the Link spirit and improve the future of Miramonte’s program and its relationship with new students. The event was led by Stu Cabe, a speaker for the Boomerang Project.

Link Crew is not a program unique to Miramonte. In fact, it is a part of the larger Boomerang Project, a company dedicated to growth for students and mentors. The program has been influencing transitions into high school for over 22 years and is a well-established vehicle for positive change across the country.

At Miramonte, the Link Commissioners look forward to growing after a new training session. “I think that they all walked out of there very energized and excited about doing new things,” counselor and Link Crew advisor Ellen Conners said. “Hopefully it will inspire people to keep wanting more for Link and for Miramonte.”

Perhaps the most influential aspect of the trip was interacting with Link programs in other schools. “It was really cool collaboration. We got pumped and saw a lot of potential in what we could do by hearing what other schools are doing,” College and Career Center and Link advisor Samantha Stuber said. The next generation of commissioners will be implementing a variety of new events throughout the year to take a more active role in impacting the school climate.

Future commissioner Paul Legallet was inspired by the experience. “After that day I felt that leadership does make a difference and can be important for the people that need it.” Indeed, the field trip left a lasting impression on the students. “I’m excited to improve, add activities, and make everyone feel even more at home,” Legallet said.