New Lawns Grace the Miramonte Campus


Peter Stehr, Sports Editor

As school began, an odor of uncultivated mulch and fertilizer hung throughout the halls. However, as the school weeks progressed, an evolution began to emerge as mulch-brown patches transformed into rows of sprouting plants and forest-green grass. The senior lawn, once a patchy field of dead grass and trodden paths, likewise transformed into a well-manicured plot of land. Why were these renovations conducted? And what has really changed?

Miramonte irrigation system, which has not received any major renovations since its founding in 1955, was in obvious need of improvement after maintenance inspections revealed leakages and inefficient water usage. The Cleary Bros, the company behind this transformation on campus, was contracted by Acalanes Union High School district in the preceding weeks to refinish and install new grass plots on schools around the district. The senior lawn, an object of much respect and praise within the Miramonte population, was riddled with patches of dead grass and ugly weeds.

After the new installations were complete, each breezeway welcomed new plots of grass and the senior lawn finally enjoyed an adequate irrigation system. Slowly, the orange fences have been removed as senior students trickle back into their own domain across from the quad, where they have taken refuge during the renovations.As normal life resumes at Miramonte, the pale salmon walls are now highlighted by the brilliantly green lawns that will hopefully last for years to come.

However, brown patches of mulch still remain in between the hallways, and complaints have risen as to why these plots were left barren. The strips of dead grass that existed before the renovations were removed, but they were merely replaced by tracts of dirt. “We didn’t install grass in these plots because of necessity,” says associate principal Jan Carlson, “The only purpose renovating these areas would serve would be for appearance, so we left them uncultivated to save money and time.”

Despite these setbacks, the majority of the Miramonte population has received these changes with applause as many students stand impressed with the new quality of the campus.