Winter Ball Kicks Off Holiday Season


Photo: Hyde Park Winter Wonderland London

Riley Eversole, Staff Writer

Miramonte will be hosting the first annual Winter Ball this Friday December 2 from 7-10 p.m.. The attire is semi-formal and students from all grades are welcome. Despite initial rumors, the dance is date-optional.

“I’ve decided to roll solo to this Winter Bash. I want to focus on having fun with my friends and enjoying my senior year without the stress or pressure dates can create,” senior Kate Nerone said.

Leadership released a lighthearted “What to Wear (and what not to wear) to Winter Ball Winter Ball” informational video featuring juniors Sterling Kasella, Claire Tarkoff, Brianna Fick and Katrina Drake, to name a few. The video was played during fourth period on the Wednesday preceding Thanksgiving Break.

“I think the video had the right intentions but the execution was not great. I have still heard questions about what to wear: short or long dresses, tux, etcetera,” said junior Caroline Ricksen. Nonetheless, Leadership advises that girls wear dresses and casual shoes, and boys wear a dress shirt and nice pants such as khakis.

So, what sets this dance apart from Homecoming or Junior Prom? “Students should expect more than a typical dance,” Senior ASB Treasurer Lucy Stenovec said. “It’s more extravagant and prom-like than homecoming. We hired an event planner, so the decorations are very nice and well done.” Additionally, the dance will feature several activities including a photo booth, karaoke, an airbrush tattoo artist and a caricaturist. On top of the wide array of activities, students should expect to satisfy their sweet tooth with a candy bar and baked goods.  

“I’m excited for Winter Ball because we’ve never had one and I’m curious to see how it turns out,” junior Perrie Lundstrom said. “It gives me something to look forward to at the end of the week.”

Unlike the Welcome Back and Homecoming dances, Winter Ball will include an added fee on top of the pre-paid ASB student card. The price is $10 with an ASB card and $30 without one. Students who do not attend Miramonte should plan to bring $40.

“It costs extra because we put a lot more into the dance this time so there’s a lot more expenses to cover,” Head of Rally and Events Commission Lula Gutman said.

The Winter Ball serves as an opportunity for students to bring out their best dance moves and indulge in a night full of sweets, activities, and fun among friends and peers.  

“We focused on having more than just dancing to entertain students. Finding new things that would boost the attendance and make Winter Ball more desirable to attend,” Vice President Mia Grillo Senior said.