Girls Should Break Tradition and Ask Boys to Prom

Jessica Coleman

Most traditions deserve to be honored. However, some are old-fashioned and need to be thrown away, updated,  and replaced.

Girls place supreme importance on one event each year: prom. They obsess over dresses, makeup, shoes, and hairstyles. They also fret over dates. The tradition and rule of the boy having to ask the girl to prom should be banished and replaced with a new outlook that allows girls a chance to ask.

While girls indulge in every prom-related process, boys want to put on a tux and get it over with. Adding to the overwhelming build-up, boys feel pressure to find a date, a tradition of prom that causes unnecessary drama. As prom approaches, boys scramble to ask the girl of their choice. Traditionally, boys are seen as failures if they are unable to get a date; girls fall back on their friends if they are not asked.

Boys worry, trying to create ingenious schemes to outdo their buddies and impress a potential date. They feel obligated to ask in a unique way; the more public the better.

When the moment arrives, they hesitate and think that their efforts will not receive the “yes” they long to hear. They often cancel their plans to ask the girl out of fear of rejection. After this long, discouraging downward spiral, both parties go to prom solo.

The pressure that boys feel to ask girls in an original way often results in planning for weeks and asking at the last minute. While the boys take their precious time, girls grow nervous and frantic as they begin to believe that nobody will ask them. This discomfort would be saved if the girls asked instead of waiting around.

In cases where girls ask a boy in another grade, the boys are often impressed. There should not be so much emphasis on who asks. The process should be simple and sweet. If this method could be applied to students in the same grade, anxiety and confusion would be saved. Prom is no reason to fret and cry. It is a beloved tradition, but the anxiety does not have to overshadow the excitement and joy of the process.

So girls, if you want a date for prom, go get one! It will improve everyone’s experience in the long run.