Is the “One Year” Rule Worth Following? Con

Marina Allen

The “one year” rule stipulates that newly licensed drivers cannot drive passengers under the age of 25 until they have kept their license for one year. Students and parents are aware of how often this law is broken. Should the driving rule be maintained or scrapped?

Besides the obvious killjoy aspects of the Year Rule, this law is inconvenient, environmentally unfriendly, and obsolete. They say driving is a privilege – not a right – but as a confirmed non-driver, I resent being constantly reminded of my second-class citizenship as a pedestrian. Getting cars to stop as I walk across the street hardly compares to being chauffeured in elegance by my peers.

As a back seat driver, I serve a high social purpose. I have, on a number of occasions, taken the driver’s otherwise dangerous cell phone calls. I have reminded my driver of the double yellow line. I have warned my driver of the oncoming truck racing at 85 mph right at us.  Backseat drivers save lives.

The presence of another body in the car forces virtually perfect driving. A 16 year-old driver can only receive a ticket for carrying an illegal passenger if a cop pulls them over for another reason. A young driver with a passenger knows he/she can make no illegal mistakes because then he/she will receive two tickets for the price of one.

Instead of making passengers illegal, why not license back seat drivers? Help us do our job better.
Besides, a law that is commonly broken no longer has the force of law. And boy, is this one broken. Put too many ignored laws on paper and it’s a formula for anarchy. Pretty soon people will think murder is OK. Chaos will ensue.

It would be a dull world if sidekicks were outlawed. Where would we be without a Robin sitting shotgun in the Batmobile? What would adolescence be without the novel, “On the Road” which everyone knows is Neal Cassady driving around his sidekick Jack Kerouac? Or without

George Bush driving Dick Cheney … oh wait, that’s backwards; wasn’t Dick Cheney driving George Bush?
Let us not forget our dear Mother Earth, the one who gives us the land with which we drive on, the material with which we use to drive, and the oxygen with which we use to breath.

“Want to go to the movies 20 miles away, O’ friend group consisting of ten separate cars?”

“Sure, I’m in the mood to destroy a little rainforest.”

Perhaps the solution to global warming shouldn’t involve unnecessary driving codes, causing added exhaust and pollution at the expense of companionship.

One-sixteenth of a teenager’s apple pie being spent alone, in silence, is too tasty a slice to abandon. Not to mention, where will we do our drugs? Lose our virginity? Horse around in freedom complaining to each other about authority?

To enforce this trivial law would only burden California. Now, juveniles must find far more dangerous  locations to do the above. Parks and cemeteries will be littered. Rec. rooms will never be clean. We’ll start moving in packs, on foot. The state is pushing us into ghettos and forcing us to associate with hooligans. California is being irresponsible, placing responsibility on our shoulders. Take the driver’s seat, Oh Back Seat Drivers. Spilling a soda in a friend’s car is a privilege and a right.