Is Miramonte Meant for MTV’s Made?: Pro

Dani Vignos

The concept of the show is humiliating, the execution is even worse and the feeling that you get when nothing else is on and you flip to channel 43 to watch MTV’s Made constitutes a horrible mixture of nausea and emptiness. Yet, when asked if Made should come to Miramonte, the obvious answer remains yes.

Made locates a kid, usually one without friends or a talent, and makes them into something they never can and never will be.  It exposes kids to ridicule and categorizes people into cliché high school stereotypes. With tears shed, swear words exchanged and privacy unfiltered, Made represents the trash of the 21st century. However, just because this is the norm, it does not mean that we would have to abide by these rules. With Miramonte’s tradition of excellence, we as a student body can transcend the low standards of this show and give it our own spin. MTV will not know what hit them!

As is readily apparent, Miramonte’s student body consists of the smartest, most attractive, and most well rounded students in all of America, so we have already created a huge problem for MTV’s evil plan.  We do not have a friendless loser for them to “make.” They would have to choose someone from one of our various programs of excellence who could not possibly be portrayed as stupid or unaware.

Putting aside the benefits that Miramonte as a whole will receive, one lucky individual will be transformed into a superhuman of incomprehensible talent.  Made could act as a platform for aspiring artists, musicians, or athletes.

With so much talent being cultivated nowadays, how the hell are you supposed to make it? It’s not about talent anymore. It’s all about connections. MTV could very well establish the ultimate link to glory.

This would be far superior to winning any sporting event against Campolindo or putting on a theatrical production far greater than usual. This would put Miramonte a step ahead of Campolindo for eternity. They could never trump the time that Miramonte premiered on Made.

Miramonte students have a reputation for being cloned elitists who lack opinions or individuality. This could be Miramonte’s big break. We could prove to all of America that we are real people too. Enough of this rich kid persona.

If this plan fails and Made depicts Miramonte as a wealthy rich kid community, then hey, at least we made it on TV. This argument alone makes MTV’s mission justifiable at Miramonte.  Imagine having 30 seconds of stardom on one of the world’s most popular channels.  Aside from being stopped in restaurants and shopping malls to give your autograph, or being known as “the kid from MTV,” you will have created something for your children and grandchildren to live up to. Your name will be highlighted on the family tree next to your grandfather who fought in World War II or great grandmother who traveled barefoot across America in search of a better life.

Students at Miramonte are stressed out from being so gosh darn perfect. Made coming to Miramonte would be a light stress reliever.

Seeing cameramen around school or being interviewed on your fellow student’s progress would be exciting.  It is nothing to take seriously, only an outlet for fun.