The Weight Room Is For You Too, Ladies

Lauren Stewart

The Miramonte weight room has always been open to all students of both genders. However, the male dominance of the weight room over the years gives the room a distinct smell and drives female students away. Female students are reluctant to enter the room because they feel unwelcome, or as if the guys will give them a hard time or make jokes.

“It wasn’t that bad,” said alumni Mackenzie Lee about her experience using the weight room last year. “The boys actually didn’t make fun of me, but let’s be honest, my lack of muscle really isn’t a secret.”

“It would be nice to have a place to workout with other girls, but it seems like we are never welcome and it’s only for the boys,” said senior Jane Siri. “They should also have stuff in there other than lifting, like bikes or elliptical machines. Anyways, there is plenty of Booster’s Club money to buy new equipment. I mean, why shouldn’t some of that money go towards things other than football training gear?”

The female reluctance is due to our own insecurities and sanitary concerns, but what if there was a set time for the girls to use the weight room?

The female sports teams sometimes use the weight room but only as a group when the males on campus have left.

Senior Adria DeStefano has had this experience with the Miramonte track team. “It would be nice to have the weight room available to girls or feel more welcome, because the jump coach took a group of varsity girls and boys together after practice, and it was pretty cool.”

Maybe then the Lady Mats would be more inclined to enter the room (with some air freshener and sanitary wipes of course).

“If the girls wanted two or three days after the season we could make the gym open to girls,” said Head Football Coach John Wade. “I would have to hold an orientation on how the equipment is used and then look into making a set time for girls only, but it’s definitely possible if enough girls are interested.”

Many female students have gym memberships at 24 Hour Fitness or Oakwood. But for some of us, a membership fee is just not an option. Also, the fact that our school provides a weight room on campus where no extra driving or cost is necessary makes it available and intriguing.

So Lady Mats, let’s put our weight room to good use and bring some much needed gender diversity. Check for information on orientation for ladies’ hour in the weight room.