eHarmony for College Roommates Works

Julia Govan, staff writer

The college roommate selection process has changed drastically within the last few years, opening the doors to wary incoming college freshmen who traditionally couldn’t choose their roommate. Instead of the traditional random draw out of the thousands of other undergrads, students can now lend a hand in the matter and handpick their roommate.

Imagine dating website EHarmony, but for the dorm life. Within the past couple of years, several websites, including URoomSurf, Lifetopia, and Roombug have all sprung up in an effort to make the pairing process easier. In the long run, this hopefully leads to fewer disputes between students. On these sites, you take an in-depth questionnaire, which presents topics ranging from study habits and neatness to political views and sexual orientation.

It’s ridiculous that this procedure has only recently come into play. You are plunked in a cramped dorm room with an utterly foreign and unknown student that you know absolutely nothing about, excluding their name and major. Undoubtedly, they will discover everything about you and vice versa within your first week of living together.

Let’s face it:  your days of leaving your clothes scattered all over your bedroom floor are behind you. Suddenly, you must consider the effects of your previous habits, which, yes, probably means you’ll have to dial down the blaring Taylor Swift music or keep the time spent talking on your cell phone to a minimum. Conversely, bear in mind that this fellow peer will have access to your things, and it would be nice to form a mutual bond beforehand to prevent future issues. And this task will be even more daunting if you’re placed with your polar opposite or someone that you cannot stand.

Recent Miramonte grad and now University of Vermont college freshmen Katie Evans said, “If you have the resources to do it ‘eHarmony style,’ do it! Why not just get it right the first time?”

The question is whether it is to much. Perhaps creating your very own personality profile for college roommate hopefuls is somewhat excessive and borders on techniques that are dating websites claim to fame. Although this system is not always 100 percent effective and may seem invasive and over the top, it is enormously better than leaving it up to chance. You will regret dismissing this process when you end up with an incompatible roommate. The first weeks of college are already full of anxiety and unease.

In the end, your roommate is someone you are guaranteed to see at least once a day. Why not ensure that your freshman year of college is less stressful? Besides, no one wants to be constantly requesting and pleading with your residence hall for a roommate change.