GOP Attacks Planned Parenthood

Colleen Burke, Staff Writer

One of the many heated controversies in the upcoming Presidential election is the stance Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan take on abortion and Planned Parenthood. Barack Obama-approved commercials report that Ryan and Romney violently oppose abortion in almost all respects, and if elected they would attempt to withhold funding from Planned Parenthood.

Romney originally stated that he would oppose abortion, except in cases of rape or incest, but later he withdrew that statement and replaced it with a complete disdain for the entire idea. Ryan feels that abortion is wrong even if the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life. Ryan sponsered a bill allowing hospitals to decline from performing abortions due to religious reasons. This bill was mocked as a “Let Women Die” bill mostly because it says that a woman should always be declined an abortion.

The Constitution states that there must be a separation between church and state, which Romney and Ryan violate by letting their religious views affect their opinions on abortion. Abolishing abortion can cause mental instability, overpopulation, unwanted children, abandoned children, unqualified parents, and ultimately unstable families.

Their reasoning for demolishing Planned Parenthood is simple: Ryan and Romney don’t want a place of “easy access” for abortions. Unfortunately, Ryan and Romney haven’t done their research on Planned Parenthood, for it is not solely created for abortions.

Planned Parenthood is a full service health center for women and men. It does provide contraceptives and perform abortions, but that is just the start of it. It offers general health care for men and women and educates the public about body image, STD prevention, pregnancy, relationships, sex and sexuality, and sexual orientation and gender. Ultimately, Planned Parenthood is a trusted resource for both physical and emotional health.

Planned Parenthood promotes safety. It does not promote under-aged sex or abortion. It simply offers options, regardless of age, religion, or gender. Opponents to Planned Parenthood fear that offering these options, including both birth control and abortion, would give young individuals the idea that sex is acceptable even if they aren’t ready. But, taking the choice away isn’t going to stop sex; it would only increase unwanted pregnancies.

Romney and Ryan have the right to make personal decisions for their households, but not for other people. It is extremely disturbing that they want to control people’s lives so dramatically.
Many Republicans take the stance that government shouldn’t be as hands-on and controlling and leave more personal choices to individuals. If this is true, then Romney and Ryan (as Republicans) are going against their fundamental core. What makes it okay to control reproductive rights while they want the government to be hands-off in many other respects. There are no obvious advantages to the radical movement of withdrawing funding for such an important service.