Con – Fake Christmas Trees Create Controversy


Courtney Attard, Staff Writer

That time of year has come when the Christmas decorations come out. Colorful lights, shiny ornaments, peppermint hot chocolate, gingerbread houses, fragrant Christmas trees… but wait. Many have decided to replace their aromatic, authentic, luscious Christmas trees with fake, brittle, plastic ones. Artificial trees are a no-no. Real ones are the way to go.
The holiday season is a jolly time, but this can be ruined by a phony, synthetic tree eating up space in your living room. Fake trees defeat the fresh, natural, traditional purpose fulfilled by real ones.
Additionally, fake Christmas trees have a greater negative environmental impact than real ones when all aspects of their life-cycle are considered. Artificial trees are made from a non-renewable source, petroleum, and hurt our environment by clogging up landfills. Also, approximately 85 percent of fake Christmas trees are imported from China, adding to their overall carbon footprint. This also means that fake Christmas trees bring minimal benefit to the home economy.
Real Christmas trees, on the other hand, can be recycled and used in soils, playground materials, trails and fertilizers. The Christmas tree industry benfits the rural economy and provides jobs for Americans.While sustainable Christmas trees return to their organic environment after the holiday  season, false trees return to consume storage space in your household until next year.
Many families enjoy bonding through the traditional experience of going to a tree lot and picking out the perfect Christmas tree, and there are so many unique options to choose from, as each tree is different. Christmas trees are a symbol of holiday spirit, so let the tradition of your family be brought alive with the fragrant memories created by natural Christmas trees. A traditional Christmas tree by the fireplace brings the joyous holiday spirit to a household that simply cannot be brought by a fake one. Even after an artificial tree is all lit and decorated, it still looks somewhat fake.
There is no need to feel guilty about a natural, recyclable Christmas tree with energy efficient lights and authentic decorations.
This Christmas, have fun with your Christmas tree. Get a permit, go to a forest and chop down your own perfect tree with your friends and family. Listen to holiday music while you decorate your tree with ornaments, tinsel and lights. Embrace the sweet smell of pine and create holiday memories with your one-of-a-kind tree. Enjoy the pine needles on the floor – they’re part of the fun.
Christmas trees play a central role in American culture. Many families have Christmas tree businesses with returning customers every year. The Christmas tree industry employs over 100,000 Americans anually which is a big economic factor to consider. These tree farms are not only traditional, but they are also good for the environment.
The media has exploited the commercialization of Christmas’ authenticity. A fresh tree is one thing you can do to keep your family’s Christmas true.