Buckwild Tops Jersey Shore


Dominique Clark, Staff Writer

We’ve seen it all before. The steamy hook ups, the insane roommate drama and the outrageous partying. This became the base of MTV’s Jersey Shore for six seasons and an inspiration for the flood of reality show premieres geared at emulating both Jersey Shore’s drama and ratings.

But, after six repetitive seasons of the same people, living in the same house, and partying at the same
clubs, it’s perfect timing for viewers to transition from watching the familiar cast members relive their
Jersey Shore summer, season after season, and move on to a show bigger and better, Buckwild.

Soon after the final episode of Jersey Shore, MTV introduced the premiere of their new reality show, Buckwild, which some call “the redneck Jersey Shore”. Buckwild follows a group of rowdy West Virginian friends during their wild and crazy summer of hookups, drama and partying.

Buckwild provides the audience with the same elements fans fell in love with on Jersey Shore
but also, features crazy stunts and pranks performed by the cast, an element Jersey Shore and other similar reality shows lack. From mudding, to building a “West Virginian Waterpark” in their backyards, to ATV racing Buckwild shares similarities with the show Jackass while still providing viewers with the typical reality TV show drama they crave. MTV flashes a “don’t try this at home” warning at the beginning of every episode solidifying the show’s promised entertainment.

Most reality shows are set in well-known locations, such as the Jersey Shore, but Buckwild takes place
in a rural country area, something that is rarely exposed on reality television. This gives viewers an inside
perspective that no other show has explored on what social situations and life are like in rustic locations.
Buckwild also focuses on real friendships and relationships. Unlike Jersey Shore, where the cast was selected from audition tapes by producers who searched for people to fit the show’s mold, most of the Buckwild cast members were friends before the show and some friendships date back to high school.

Teenage viewers also favor Buckwild over Jersey Shore because they can relate to the social situations better. The cast of Buckwild is between ages 19 -24 compared to Jersey Shore’s age range of 24-30. The  parties featured in Buckwild are typically house parties and 18-and-over clubs rather than the 21-and-over clubs on Jersey Shore.

“Buckwild tops Jersey Shore any day,” junior Breanna Alford said. “It’s one of my favorite new shows. It’s way crazier than Jersey Shore and overall more entertaining.”