Con: Are Celebrities Responsible for Fan’s Actions

Con: Are Celebrities Responsible for Fans Actions

Alison Pietrykowski, Photo Editor

When pursuing your passion, be it acting, singing or chemical engineering, you shouldn’t have to give up your privacy once you become successful. Doctors aren’t followed to the grocery store and photographed while deciding between apples and pears. So why should celebrities not have the same luxury? Why do we care that Kim Kardashian “shops at Target just like you?”

The fact of the matter is that we would all feel extremely vulnerable if someone we had never met knew our favorite color, birthplace, height, weight, what we had last night for dinner and the ins and outs of our romantic relationships. But that’s what celebrities deal with every day.

This situation presents a double-edged sword. While the paparazzi are exercising their freedom of speech, they are interfering with celebrity’s privacy rights. There is consideration of creating laws that would restrict the paparazzi and protect the privacy of celebrities. These laws will be similar to the restrictions against paparazzi already in effect in many European countries.

If enforced these laws could prevent not only the aggression that results from celebrities getting fed up with the stalking paparazzi, but also the actions taken and opinions expressed after the viewing of pictures taken by the paparazzi.

Celebrities like Justin Bieber are doing nothing but entertaining us. The decisions he makes should not affect anyone besides himself and his immediate friends and family.

Yet, when a photo of Bieber in a compromising situation was recently released, many people felt the need to express their disdain. We know Bieber through his music, but other than that most of us have no personal connection to him.

The problem is, many people have put Bieber and other celebrities like him on a pedestal and are watching his every move. So much so that when a photo of Bieber allegedly smoking marijuana went viral, girls felt so affected by his actions that they started self-harming themselves and taking pictures of the damage they claimed Bieber caused. They posted these pictures of their self inflicted wounds on twitter, hoping to get him to stop using illegal substances. Although this trend, known as “#CutForBieber” was started as a sick joke by teenage boys, it did result in a handful of girls harming themselves to prove a point. Teenage girls are not responsible for stopping Bieber from making hazardous decisions, nor is Bieber responsible for the actions provoked by the photographs published.

There is reason to argue that Bieber was not even smoking marijuana in the alleged picture. By publicizing the compromising photographs, the paparazzi are at fault for the girls’ self-harm. In fact, looking up to someone like Justin Bieber for anything besides his singing and dancing abilities is nothing but toxic.

Idolizing celebrities results in an obsession over material items and fame. We begin to believe that anyone in the public eye is a perfect model of how we are all supposed to think, dress and act.

In a perfect world we wouldn’t be affected by the pictures we see of celebrities. But the reality is that we are. And it can be destructive.

Apart from photo shoots and red carpets, the pictures we see of celebrities are taken without their consent, and often without their knowledge. Clearly the celebrities are not to blame for the behaviors resulting from these pictures.