Denver Airport Hides Considerable Secrets

Denver Airport Hides Considerable Secrets

Hank Larsen, Staff Writer

At first glance, Denver International Airport seems like any other airport. Thousands of people rush through there each day the majority of them don’t notice the peculiar entities that exist subtly. Strange murals, disturbing sculptures and odd, Holocaust-like symbolism are just a few of the many phenomena that exist there.

While many laugh away at YouTube videos involving sneezing pandas or falling pandas, millions have viewed a viral documentary regarding the Denver Airport Conspiracy. Entitled “Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory: A Documentary,” the two-part video gives an in-depth look at what lays behind the innocence of Colorado’s largest airport.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this place is not what it seems. In 1995, Stapleton Airport in Denver was replaced with the new Denver International at $4.8 billion ($2 million over budget), though the new airport is much farther outside Denver than Stapleton was (seven miles versus 25). It boasted longer, storm-resistant runways and new technologies like solar power and automated baggage systems.

DIA is by far the largest airport in America and the second largest in the world behind King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia. At over 52 square miles, it’s nearly twice the size of Manhattan. Since the airport is located far from significant populations, basically in the middle of nowhere, one cannot help but think this common destination is not all that meets the eye.

DIA’s new set of runways was more efficient and allowed for more aircrafts to take off at one time. As opposed to the usual 10,000 like at Stapleton, DIA’s runways come in at 16,000 feet, allowing jumbo jets to take off easily. This is where the fun facts stop, because from an aerial view, the runways clearly form the shape of a swastika, suggesting some sort of cult-like existence.

An underground subway system, much needed to transport travellers through the various terminals, was built deep underground the airport. But aside from the subway system there lies about eight square miles of unused underground buildings.

There is a conspiracy theory called the “New World Order” in which irrational representatives claim that the world population needs to be reduced and purified to a slim two billion for various reasons according to race, religion, etc. Some believe that the immense area of DIA will be used as some sort of housing for those needed to be terminated for the New World Order. Two observations can be made supporting this: a plaque in the airport entitled “New World Airport Commission,” an organization that doesn’t even exist, and fencing surrounding the entire airport with barbed wire facing inward instead of outward, as if to trap people inside.

Throughout the airport strange art can be found, including an enormous 32-foot tall blue mustang with red glowing eyes (the man who created it was supposedly crushed by it and killed). Others include stone gargoyles in suitcases surrounding the baggage claims, and strange, genocidal paintings entitled, “In Peace and Harmony With Nature” and “The Children of the World Dream of Peace.” The first is really just a supernatural being with a weapon, about to kill various other innocent people in the painting, and the latter is the “New World” population apparently happy and full of rejoice.

Although thousands rush through Denver International Airport every day without a clue as to what really exists there, it is still one of the busiest airports in the nation. Despite that fact, there are far too many peculiarities there to make a rational conclusion. There is clearly something abnormal with this establishment, and now we have the proof to inform ourselves.