Miramonte Mural Does Not Improve School’s Appearance


Liz Berndt, Staff Writer

Miramonte needs a pick up. It needs new paint and new desks, a new pool and gym, and not to mention basics like new books. Painting “Home of the Matadors” on the front of the gym does not correct the serious appearance issues of the school, nor does it fix the warn-down facilities.

Money is limited. Every teacher who has faced termination due to budget cuts knows this. So, why did the Class of 2012 decide to donate $8000 for a sign on the front of the gym? There is no need, and a mural requires upkeep. Although Principal Adam Clark decided to spend an extra $1000 on a protective coat of paint, in three years, the once glowing “Home of the Matadors” will be worn down and washed out, desperately needing new paint. Again, our school will have to spend valuable dollars repainting and again repainting a sign that really serves no purpose for our school’s aesthetics.

Look at Campo’s mural of a cougar on the front of their gym. It looks awful. As the years have passed and the rain and wind have taken their toll on the paint, the colors have faded and the picture now makes for a shabby entrance for their school. Why did we decide to follow in Campo’s footprints?  I am happy we decided against a big picture of a Matador; the towering bull tamer in the gym is enough, but painting anything on the front of the gym was foolish.

Paint is such a hassle. Every Miramonte student has seen the “Wet Paint” signs around school, warning passersbys to avoid running into the newly painted surfaces. As a school we have decided to add a long list of painting jobs, with added maintenance and material costs, to the already endless list of chores.

Then there is the problem of aesthetics. Our school is salmon colored, and as unfortunate as that is, why add green and black to make it that much worse? Green and salmon are not supposed to go together. The roofs and doors of the buildings are an off blue, which actually, believe it or not, is a compliment on the color scale. However, green is not in this compliment color pallet. I understand our colors are green and white and I love flying the colors as much as the next proud Matador, but a big sign on the gym that doesn’t match is a visually displeasing mistake.

One could argue the painting creates a sense of pride or school spirit, but this is not true either. This painting will bring our school together as much as the chipping paintings in the gym do: not at all.

It will take Miramonte a long time to fix what is already broken. Bathrooms and water fountains are constantly out of order and paint is chipping everywhere. Admin does everything they can to keep things running smoothly, but unfortunately this painting is like impulsively buying a puppy. At first it seems great, the family is excited and promises to help walk and feed the dog. But every mom knows in six months the kids will go back on their promises and it will be the mom’s responsibility to pay for and keep the dog healthy. The painting may initially excite students, but the school will come to regret the costly and bad-looking decision quickly.