Sports: Worth It?

Meghan Rogers, Staff Writer

Sports practices can be excruciating. The exertion and time commitment are enough to stop some from joining them or quit them all together. So, why do people do them?

Prowess in a sport is sought after by colleges and offers a tempting incentive to get into that college you’ve always dreamed of. However, if you are doing a sport just to get into college, you will not succeed. You get as much as you put into a sport, so without passion or desire to participate you won’t excel. Doing a sport just to get into a college is not a valid reason for joining.

Instead, most people who are involved in their respective sports do it because they want to. Sports require many sacrifices, and don’t have room for people who don’t want to be there.

Almost every athlete complains about their sport and how much they hate it. This makes sense, because in joining a sport they sacrifice a significant amount of time from their daily after-school hours. This leaves less time for friends, homework and free time. They are a huge time sucker and require dedication and commitment, which often causes stress for athletes.

However, there is no feeling quite like getting home after practice. The sudden energy you experience is similar to taking a shot of espresso, and thanks to the pressure of the time crunch, homework gets done a lot faster.

The friendships that are fostered through sports are irreplaceable. The team mindset is apparent, making watching a teammate’s race or seeing them score points enjoyable and exciting. Sports friendships are unique in that two teammates could not talk all of off-season, but can immediately rekindle their bond in-season.

Although athletes complain, a sport cannot be replaced by anything. Even though practices are difficult, something keeps them coming back day after day. It is said that there are two types of fun – fun that is easily noticed and that you are aware of, and unconscious fun, where you might dread doing something but actually really enjoy it. Sports are often times categorized as one of these “unconscious funs.” They are so much more than just something that looks good on college applications – they are an essential and rewarding part of one’s academic career.