Was Prom Worth The Hype?


Bailey Smith, Staff Writer

The night that every girl dreams about has come and gone: Junior Prom. Girls spent weeks preparing for this joyous occasion. We all had a laundry list of things to acquire before we were “prom ready.” Our dresses, shoes, accessories, hair, makeup and nails all needed to be perfect.

Finally, on Saturday, March 23, we were ready. Couples gathered at various different houses to capture the beauty of their attire on camera. Girls, as well as boys, felt the pressure to look nothing less than marvelous for our prom. Excitement had been building for weeks, if not months. Now the question is, was prom worth all the hype?

The answer is yes. When we all filed out of our buses and entered that grand building, all of the time and money we spent became worth it. The dining room was beautiful, and the amount of food surpassed my expectations. Even the bathrooms were luxurious, providing anything a girl could possibly need during prom, from hair spray to nail files.

Just when we thought our night couldn’t get any better, we were told it was time to file into the courtroom where the actual dance was held. Walking up those four flights of stairs continued to build our anticipation. The last obstacle between us and our dance was the photo room. Couple after couple lined up to have their pictures and at last, we were admitted into the much awaited dance room.

A welcoming projection of Miramonte High School was displayed on the ceiling of the room, and the technicolor lights swept the dance floor. The music filled the room, and we all rushed onto the dance floor, prepared to dance our little hearts out.

And the dance room wasn’t all we were offered. In an extension of the courtroom, pool tables and a photo booth were available to us. Many of us made numerous trips to the photo booth, striking our favorite poses.

Prom seemed to fly by in a matter of minutes. We arrived at 6:30 and before we knew it, the DJ announced that we had five minutes left to make this night our very best. We all jumped and clapped our hands to the beat of the music as the seconds ticked by. We never wanted the night to end. But of course, it had to.

At the end of the night, we were escorted back to the buses, and arrived back at Miramonte promptly at 10:30 p.m. Although prom was over, the excitement and bubbly mood still lingered. Prom was greater than I could have possibly imagined, and I’ll always hold the memories in my heart. Everything: the money, the hours spent preparing, the stress, the hype, had been worth it.