Fast Food is Unwelcome

Heidi Maupin and Elena Wasserman, Staff Writers

Orinda is a small town with a great community, and it needs to stay that way. Orinda should not allow fast food restaurants to corrupt this wonderful town.

As a small community, we should support our local businesses and not let big fast food companies like McDonald’s and Chipotle steal customers. Lafayette and Moraga have chain restaurants; so if you really need fast food, why not just make the short drive. We do not need to doom our local restaurants, just to get a fast food fix every once in awhile.

Orinda already has a Nations, which is permitted only because it is considered a “pie store,”  so what else do we need?

If we want this community to continue to thrive, we need to support our local businesses like Gepetto’s, La Cocina, Yan’s, ROC (Republic of Cake), Turquoise and many more. These unique restaurants give the community personality and class. Supporting small family owned businesses like these will help to maintain the individuality of Orinda.

We should not let our craving for greasy food compromise the overall health of the community. The parents and schools work hard to keep kids active, and we cannot put those efforts to waste. The sheer convenience of fast food would be much too tempting to Orinda’s youth. Sure the mass produced food of a McDonald’s is a more economic choice, but your body’s health is something that you shouldn’t be afraid to invest in. At least when you order a meal at Nations, you get the reassurance of being able to see the cooking process that goes into making your burger, whereas at the usual burger chain, your food just seems to magically appear.

As citizens of Orinda, we all enjoy the privilege of having access to great schools, family owned businesses, and community events like summer Band Nights. Fast food may be tasty, but it’s not worth sacrificing our great community.