Mats Don’t Need More Dances

Ari Stein, Staff Writer

Setting up school dances requires money, time, and work from already busy students. Having at least two dances a year for all grades and an additional one for juniors and seniors is enough.

At the start of the school year there is a Welcome Back Dance for all grades. It normally takes place the first Friday. Having only been back to school for three days, the work load is minimal and students are not stressed out. This allows the students to enjoy the dance more.

The freshmen can’t wait to experience their first high school dance, sophomores are happy they are not known as “freshmen” anymore, juniors are happy to be upperclassmen, and seniors are excited to go to the dance at the top of the “food chain.”

A couple months later, a Homecoming dance takes place. For students who do not go to Junior Prom or Senior Ball, this will be their last dance of the year. This dance is more formal than the Welcome Back Dance, allowing students to dress up and possibly have a date. Students are excited for this dance, because the chance to get dressed up and go with a date is unique. Around this time, students are getting into the swing of school and plenty of work, but will find time for the last dance with all classes.

After this dance, students become busier and now juggle schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Having free time is rare and most Fridays after school students are busy catching up on sleep they did not get during the week, hanging out with friends, or going to practice. It is not practical to have another dance in the middle of the school year when many will be too tired or busy to go.

Leadership is constantly setting up, planning, and helping out with school events.  All year round they have tasks to do and events to plan for.

A school dance requires money to fund it. If not that many students showed up to the dance due to being busy or tired, it would be a waste of money.

“The hardest part is finding a good DJ. It is difficult because everyone at Miramonte likes different music,” Publicity and Spirit Commissioner, sophomore Liz Hofinga said.

Not having many dances throughout the school year also motivates students to attend the dances that are scheduled. The more dances, the less special each one becomes. Students will become sick of the same thing over and over and every dance will not be as exciting as the last. Having minimal dances encourages students to go since they won’t have many opportunities.

If Miramonte had Sadie Hawkins and Winter Ball like it used to, Junior Prom and Senior Ball would not feel as special because they would not be the only formal dances. All students look forward to their junior and senior year when they can attend Prom and Ball.

Even though having another school dance is not needed, if another was scheduled, the best time to do it would be at the end of the year for all classes. This dance could be a fun way to celebrate the school year coming to an end and allow friends to all hang out before summer begins.