Editorial: Traditions Change for the Worse

Miramonte has always had rather strong traditions, many of which students look forward to experiencing as upperclassmen on campus. Now, to add a more equal feel to campus, a new system has taken place. This ideal essentially eliminates anything that would distinguish an upperclassman from a lowerclassman, leaving students with only a few things to look forward to as they approach the dreaded junior year and the once considered “amazing” senior year.

As a freshman, you walk onto campus and notice all the big new things around you, one of which is the lovely patch of grass which sits apart from the rest of the main campus. The Senior Lawn, now simply dubbed “The Lawn” has always been considered a place for seniors only. Students wait their fair three years to get the glory of sitting down and eating lunch on the lawn with the spread out benches and large, majestic trees. However, no longer can it be considered “seniors only.”

It must be now open to the public, although seniors still prominently dominate the lawn.
The parking lot perched conveniently in front of “The Lawn” was once the Senior Lot, where only those seniors with carpools were given the opportunity to park. To appear more inclusive, it is now the “A. Lot” where anyone with a carpool pass can park. So much for waiting three years.

Not only has that parking lot been changed, but the once Junior Lot is now designated a “Pass Parking Lot,” meaning anyone with a license may buy a pass and park there. Now, it may be inclusive, but it certainly isn’t fair. Generations of sophomores have had to wake up extra early to find street parking, and suddenly they are given the comfort of being a junior or senior without the wait and without the stress of a terrifying school year. Now everyone is at risk of not getting a space, due to the already oversold parking lots.

The last, big change was homecoming week. No longer is there a junior Homecoming Prince and Princess and then a senior Queen and King, but there is royalty for all four grades. A freshman (or even sophomore) somewhat new to the campus and to their peers isn’t what you would call royalty, maybe a court jester. But not a princess.

According to ASB President Nick Coufal, “all-class royalty is a normal homecoming tradition for most high schools, so we are making a change.” Even though all-class royalty is present in many other high schools, this is not the tradition for Miramonte. There is no need to conform to other schools’ traditions.

Generally speaking, these changes were made to make the school more fair and equal, but in truth it has only taken away tradition and created unfairness. Upperclassmen wait their turn to have the perks, and those underclassmen who aren’t royalty or who can’t park in the Junior Lot, will have their turn too. So how is that not fair? Each class begins at the bottom, but they do eventually get to experience being upperclassmen. This also takes away so much joy from the upperclassmen. They wait for so long to enjoy these special experiences and it no longer seems like a special feat to have gotten through the first two or three years. Therefore, it is fair to uphold tradition and allow juniors and seniors to revel in the glory of succeeding and enduring the transition into high school and the tough school years.
The Editorial Board votes 9-0 in favor of continuing Miramonte traditions.