Pro: Is the Orinda Bubble” good for students?

Sommar Veverka , Staff Writer

Orinda is a fantastic place to live, and we shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

Many kids claim they hate living here and complain that they are stuck in a bubble; however every community has their own bubble, consisting of what they consider normal. Yes, Orinda isn’t your average town. It’s a community that has everything people could want for themselves and their families. Orinda has great schools, weather, hills, trees, and an almost rural feeling even though it is 10 minutes from downtown Oakland. Orinda is unique in the sense that it is wealthy but not as flashy as say, Silicon Valley or Orange County. It has a casual feel and sensibility and that is what attracts people to live here.

The public schools here are excellent and safe, and many people move here for them. The homes here are expensive, but what people save in private school tuition makes the cost of living a good value. Wealthy families who raise their children in San Francisco don’t have the same option to send their kids to good public schools because there are few of them and they are extremely difficult to get in to. Instead, they pay thousands a year for private school tuition, largely to ensure their child’s safety at school.

Urban students who attend public school, like Skyline High School in Oakland, have officers on duty. It is hard enough being a high school student, much less having to see police around your campus or searching your classmates, and it can be uncomfortable to watch police activity occur during school hours.

The academic environment at Miramonte is intense. This is because  many of us don’t have to worry about gang violence, street drugs, and issues of poverty. We don’t have to worry about  anything other than school and getting accepted to top colleges. This allows us to put all our focus in one area.  It would be different than an under privileged community where students are often preoccupied with different things and pressures.

In 2012, Orinda was listed as one of the friendliest towns in the U.S. by Forbe’s Magazine. Kids move around their neighborhood without fear for their safety, unlike some others who are just a short drive through the Caldecott, where kids don’t feel safe enough to walk outside their home.

“I would move back to Orinda because it’s an extremely safe place to live, with excellent academic opportunities. So generally it’s a great place to raise a family,” junior Sam Essahboy said.

Many adults have moved back here to raise families. Everyone knows everyone here, which is a nice thing. Living in Orinda allows us to grow up in a close community, where everyone generally is kind and cares.  However, if you are feeling adventurous and want to escape this small town you can hop on Bart and head to Oakland, Berkeley, or San Francisco.

Fortunate for us, we have a world-class city in our backyard as opposed to the people in suburban Orange County, where it takes hours to escape their fake manufactured world to get to LA.  Orinda is no cookie-cutter subdivision, and what parent wouldn’t want to raise their children here? As Hannah Montana would say, Orinda is the best of both worlds.