Yogurt Shack is the Very Best Snack

Heidi Maupin, Staff Writer

You’re hanging out with your friends and someone suddenly has a sweet tooth. Do you all decide to go out for ice cream? Nope, not anymore. Ever since the Lafayette Yogurt Shack location opened in 2009, frozen yogurt has been all the rage. With an abundant range of yogurt flavors and toppings to choose from, desert lovers were exposed to more delicious possibilities at Yogurt Shack than what they had experienced at any of the Lamorinda ice cream shops. Ever since a competing yogurt store opened in Rheem a few years later, yogurt fanatics have been faced with a pressing decision: Yogurt Shack or Tangelo?

Throughout this whole dilemma, my heart and stomach has always stayed true to the original yogurt shop of the area: Yogurt Shack. Don’t be fooled by Tangelo’s modern decor and fancy topping dispensers. What truly matters is the quality of the yogurt, the amount of topping options available to you to create your edible masterpiece, and the bang that you’re getting for your buck.

As someone who likes to completely obscure the frozen yogurt from view with layers of Oreo crumbs, m&m’s, and other sweet treats, the topping selection is a crucial deciding factor to why Yogurt Shack is superior to Tangelo. Though the two shops carry the same number of yogurt flavors, Yogurt Shack clearly surpasses Tangelo in the topping department. Tangelo’s typical 34 topping options are dwarfed by Yogurt Shack’s 50+.

You would think that because of Yogurt Shack’s superior quality yogurt and incredible topping options you would have to dish out a bit more money for your dessert, right? Wrong. Yogurt Shack actually charges 3 cents less per ounce than Tangelo. This may not seem like much of a difference, but when you consume as much froyo as many Miramonte students do, it really adds up in the end.